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Veolia Wildlife Photography

Now in its 48th year, the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is an international showcase for the very best nature photography. The competition is owned by the British Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide. The web gallery of top photos is well worth a look. I found the photo below arresting and hilarious:

. . . → Read More: Veolia Wildlife Photography

Double Rainbow

Last year there was a goofy YouTube video of a guy going OFF over a double rainbow. I think this one is even more impressive than the one in that video:

New Year’s 2011

It’s kind of sad this has taken me so long to post, but here goes. This is a short clip from the moment of midnight, January 1, 2011. Mark and I were in the grand foyer of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Mark had been producing the NPR . . . → Read More: New Year’s 2011

Even Hitler Hates the Vuvuzuelas

I couldn’t resist posting this video. It’s another clever entry in the new genre of Hitler-in-the-bunker videos with alternative dialogue. Very well done, and I really sympathize with his frustration!

Spring Blog Cleaning

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I’m doing work to the site this week to update the site theme and clean up some broken links. In the meantime pages may not look as they should. I should have everything back up and working by sometime next week. I hope.

Any problems after that should be brought . . . → Read More: Spring Blog Cleaning

How (Not) To Apply for a Job

This advice was gathered from actual submissions a good friend of mine received for a part-time administrative assistant and receptionist position (thanks Jamie!) What has happened to business education in our schools?

Do not:

1. Write your cover letter in “text speak” 2. Submit a 2+ (or no kidding 6+) page resume for a part-time . . . → Read More: How (Not) To Apply for a Job

Think Bunny

I thought I’d write a bit about a new neighbor who’s taken up residence around here. Since April, Mark and I have noticed a young rabbit who moved into the garden and made himself at home. We’ve christened him with the not-too-original moniker of “Mr. Bun”. . . . → Read More: Think Bunny

Crickets with Conservative Musical Tastes

It’s a good thing I don’t live in Nevada. I saw a story in the Wall Street Journal this week describing an actual plague. Seems there is a species called the Mormon Cricket, famous for swarming in very large numbers in the springtime. The poor residents of small towns in the Nevada desert have quite a problem to contend with. At least our insect plague of locusts only happens once every seventeen years! The Journal reports that insecticide is only intermittently effective against such numbers. The only thing that seems to really help is sound, specifically blasting heavy metal music at the critters to get them to move on. Seems they really don’t care for Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. . . . → Read More: Crickets with Conservative Musical Tastes