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Recursive Photos

Oh, this is cool. This is from a series of photos on Flickr that look like something Escher would have drawn. I’ve no idea how it was done. Although the photographer explains it, I don’t mind saying it was over my head. Please check out the full Recursive Series here to see a flash . . . → Read More: Recursive Photos

Toenail Polish

I may have given the impression in these pages that I’m a devotee of naturalism in all things. That is far from the whole truth. In fact, under certain circumstances, I am a big believer in artifice and surface decoration. . . . → Read More: Toenail Polish

Framing a New Look

It amazes me that a little bit of plastic balanced across the nose can enhance or suppress aspects of one’s personality. It strikes me that eyeglass frames are aptly named—they frame not just the lenses but the whole face. . . . → Read More: Framing a New Look

Happy New Year Haircut

A drastic haircut is almost never just about the hair. Nowadays, women still tend to cut long hair short at major milestones like breakups, graduations and job terminations. I’m facing none of those, but I wanted the energy goose that a change can bring. . . . → Read More: Happy New Year Haircut