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Double Rainbow

Last year there was a goofy YouTube video of a guy going OFF over a double rainbow. I think this one is even more impressive than the one in that video:


When I was about 8 or 9 and and my family was living in Dallas, I found a fascinating piece of stone one afternoon in a friend’s backyard. I was deep in the throes of dinosaur madness at the time and was convinced I had found some kind of fossil. My father tried to tell me it looked like a piece of statuary, but I remained certain I was on the road to becoming a great paleontologist. Finally my dad suggested I go talk to our neighbor Mr. White, since he was a geologist and might actually know what my rock was. . . . → Read More: Ammonite

Iceland from the Air

I had seen literally dozens of dull shots of stranded travelers, but had to go looking for some shots of the Icelandic volcano itself. (I’m not even going to TRY to spell it.) In the search I found this collection of high-definition photos collected by The Big Picture, a photo-journalism blog on the Boston Globe’s . . . → Read More: Iceland from the Air

Kitty Bank

Oh man, WHERE can I get one of these? Normally the Japanese obsession with kawaii (cuteness) isn’t really my thing, but this video gave me a huge belly laugh this morning:

For All Mankind

Today is the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong first set foot on the lunar surface. The astronauts left a plaque on the leg of the lunar landar that remains on the surface of the moon: HERE MEN FROM THE PLANET EARTH FIRST SET FOOT UPON THE MOON JULY 1969 A.D. WE CAME IN PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND. No-one has been back to the moon since 1971 with the final mission to the moon of Apollo 17. Only ten men have ever set foot on another planetary body, and at this time there‚Äôs little indication that any others will do so in my lifetime. . . . → Read More: For All Mankind

Coldplay and Energy Use?

Interesting stuff all around this morning.

The Wall Street Journal has a list of the nations with the highest energy consumption per capita. Would you be able to guess the top ten? I would have guessed only two, myself. And oh by the way, the U.S. is not number one. Or even in the top . . . → Read More: Coldplay and Energy Use?

Snow Day

Today is our first measurable snowfall of the season. We’ve managed to escape with mere dustings so far this winter, while all around us the rest of the country seems to have had more than their share. My family up in Rochester, NY have had about 80 inches so far, but then they expect that . . . → Read More: Snow Day


I was up way too late last night watching a film I haven’t seen for ages. “Bedazzled,” starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Peter Cook is the Devil, who persuades nebbishy fry cook Stanley Moon (Dudley Moore) to sell him his soul for seven wishes. Of course, none of the wishes turn out the way Stanley intends. . . . → Read More: Bedazzled