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Coldplay and Energy Use?

Interesting stuff all around this morning.

The Wall Street Journal has a list of the nations with the highest energy consumption per capita. Would you be able to guess the top ten? I would have guessed only two, myself. And oh by the way, the U.S. is not number one. Or even in the top . . . → Read More: Coldplay and Energy Use?

Sounds from the Thievery Hi Fi

Mark and I went to a great concert Wednesday night. Thievery Corporation has been playing five sold out shows at Washington’s 9:30 Club this week. They’re a local DC duo at the core, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton. However they perform and tour with a larger band set-up that includes multiple vocalists, guitar, sitar, bass . . . → Read More: Sounds from the Thievery Hi Fi

Yoga Music – Indian Sounds

Several of my yoga students have asked about the music I play during class. I know many teachers disapprove of music during practice, but I feel it helps create a unique mental space for the practice and also creates an aural buffer for those of us living in noisy urban environments! I’ve set up a couple of music mixes that I play on my iPod during class, and have posted three of them on the iTunes website. Here’s the first one I thought might interest my blog readers. . . . → Read More: Yoga Music – Indian Sounds