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Nothing will make you more popular than a tomato patch in summertime. I already have quite a list of friends claiming my “extra” tomatoes, once they come in. I hope I have enough to satisfy everyone. At this point my six plants are growing inches every day, so the tomato situation is looking promising. . . . → Read More: Popular

Washington Snowpocalypse

Don’t give me the blame for calling this storm “the snowpocalypse”. The media have been calling it that since Thursday, before it even took shape. It’s still snowing heavily right now (11:20AM on Saturday). I took some video this morning when the snow was light enough to see out. Right now it’s coming down too . . . → Read More: Washington Snowpocalypse

Solar Water Feature

my little patio fountain is burbling away making a cheerful splashing sound. I’m pleased to have it back up and running after a one-year hiatus. Three years ago I first assembled the little home-made spout in a pot that Mark grandly christened ” the water feature”. . . . → Read More: Solar Water Feature

Think Bunny

I thought I’d write a bit about a new neighbor who’s taken up residence around here. Since April, Mark and I have noticed a young rabbit who moved into the garden and made himself at home. We’ve christened him with the not-too-original moniker of “Mr. Bun”. . . . → Read More: Think Bunny

Hot Spring

Poor, doomed tulips

So here we are, it’s April 28, and the forecast high today is… 93 degrees.

What’s wrong with this picture?

My tulips, which just came into full bloom on Friday, are frying in the heat. Mark and I are running around with garden hoses as though it were July. We’re running . . . → Read More: Hot Spring

Uncovering Spring

I had a fabulous weekend. Well, half fabulous. Sunday I worked an eight hour day, but Saturday! Saturday I got out into the garden for the first time. The photo beside this post is a happy me, out raking leaves off the bulbs. My tulips and daffodils were starting to smother under their winter blanket, and I have definitely been smothering after a cooped up winter. . . . → Read More: Uncovering Spring

Last Ice, First Daffodil

Every place has its spring rituals. A few days ago I read about the spring ice lottery in Nenana, Alaska. Since 1917, each year this town has held a lottery to bet on exactly when the Tanana River will “go out”, or melt. In early March, townspeople erect a tall tripod of painted spruce logs, . . . → Read More: Last Ice, First Daffodil

Snowdrops and Cardinal Song

Our February weather roller coaster continues. Monday it reached 70 degrees, today it is snowing lightly. No doubt about it, today feels like winter. But the signs of spring are out there. My snowdrops are blooming, and tulip and daffodil foliage is starting to peek up. Robin flocks have already been passing through, though I don’t believe they’re the most reliable harbinger, since some of them overwinter here. More exciting is the fact that yesterday I heard a cardinal singing, a sure sign he’s beginning to think about staking out nesting territory. . . . → Read More: Snowdrops and Cardinal Song