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Nothing will make you more popular than a tomato patch in summertime. I already have quite a list of friends claiming my “extra” tomatoes, once they come in. I hope I have enough to satisfy everyone. At this point my six plants are growing inches every day, so the tomato situation is looking promising. . . . → Read More: Popular


Freelance life has its compensations. This is why I love working at home! At 4PM I get my cappuccino pulled by my own personal barista (Mark). No need to go anywhere on a day with a sloppy cold rain. Aahhhh!

It’s been a busy week, juggling two consulting clients, one new client proposal, five yoga . . . → Read More: Cappuccino

Chilled Cucumber Soup

I know it won’t be long before we’re back to the heat and humidity that is summer in Washington. I look for any way to avoid heating up the kitchen on days like that, and here’s a recipe for a cold soup that has found its way into heavy rotation at my house. You can whiz this soup up in a blender or food processor in five minutes flat. . . . → Read More: Chilled Cucumber Soup

Steak Tartare

Naturally since the weather over the three-day holiday was not so good, today is just lovely. Sunny, blue sky and not horribly hot considering it’s July in Washington. The mulberries are finally fading after five weeks of creating their usual sticky, jammy mess on the front walk and street. I did get to make a batch of mulberry jam this year, and I think it turned out well. Now to decide who deserves one of the little labors of love. . . . → Read More: Steak Tartare

Favorite Oatmeal Cookies

It’s very cold and windy outside today. A great day to stay in with lots of pillows and a snoozy cat. I did manage to organize myself after lunch to make some cookies, though. I’ve been doing some minor tinkering with this recipe for oatmeal cookies and I’m really happy with them. They’re irresistibly chewy . . . → Read More: Favorite Oatmeal Cookies

Old-Fashioned Applesauce with Old-Fashioned Gizmos

My husband Mark loves homemade applesauce. And so do I. You might not think there would be a great difference between the kind you buy in a jar and homemade, but trust me, there really is. Maybe it’s because with something as simple as applesauce, which is really just apples and a bit of sugar cooked down, the pure flavor of the raw materials really comes through. The hardest part of making applesauce is the preparation. Peeling twenty or thirty apples by hand is no joke! Modern kitchen equipment is no help at all here. What you want is something that is nineteenth century technology—an apple peeler gizmo like the one in the photo above. It makes short work of peeling and coring apples. With one of these the job may still be messy, but at least it will be quick. . . . → Read More: Old-Fashioned Applesauce with Old-Fashioned Gizmos

Victory Beer

Yesterday my husband and I drove up to Downingtown, Pennsylvania on a one-day trip. Our visit was for the annual meeting of investors in Victory Brewing Company, a craft brewery that’s probably best known for its Hop Devil and Golden Monkey beers. What draws most people to visit Victory is the chance to sample the full range of their many beers. There are usually at least eight to ten beers on tap at the restaurant, in a lineup that changes seasonally. Victory has won multiple awards for their flagship Hop Devil beer, an India Pale Ale. They’re also increasingly famous for a Belgian-style beer called Golden Monkey and for their pilsner, Prima Pils. Prima was recognized as one of the best pilsner-style beers in the world by both the New York Times and Men’s Journal magazine in 2005. . . . → Read More: Victory Beer

Homemade Chicken Stock

Having my own stock available as a base for virtually any soup is one of those things that gives me a feeling of satisfaction and preparedness. Since my own stock is so much more flavorful than ordinary canned broth, I am only a few ingredients and a few minutes away from tasty soup whenever I want it. I highly recommend that you try making your own chicken stock at least once. If you find that it’s not worth the bother to you (which I could understand) or that you can’t taste the difference (which I doubt), then you can go back to canned stock with my blessing. But I bet you won’t. . . . → Read More: Homemade Chicken Stock