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Nothing will make you more popular than a tomato patch in summertime. I already have quite a list of friends claiming my “extra” tomatoes, once they come in. I hope I have enough to satisfy everyone. At this point my six plants are growing inches every day, so the tomato situation is looking promising. . . . → Read More: Popular


When I was about 8 or 9 and and my family was living in Dallas, I found a fascinating piece of stone one afternoon in a friend’s backyard. I was deep in the throes of dinosaur madness at the time and was convinced I had found some kind of fossil. My father tried to tell me it looked like a piece of statuary, but I remained certain I was on the road to becoming a great paleontologist. Finally my dad suggested I go talk to our neighbor Mr. White, since he was a geologist and might actually know what my rock was. . . . → Read More: Ammonite

Goodbye Facebook

I said goodbye to Facebook today. I’ve been unhappy with Facebook for a long time. You are too, admit it. I finally decided I’d had it with their cavalier treatment of my personal information, which apparently goes way back to the founding. I’ve had it with their sloppiness, their constant changes to the site that only made it harder to use, their obvious aim to squeeze as much money out of the site as they possibly can. I’ve worn out my poor (non-Facebook-using) husband’s ears complaining about it. In short, I really believe that Facebook is evil and can’t be trusted. . . . → Read More: Goodbye Facebook

Spring Blog Cleaning

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I’m doing work to the site this week to update the site theme and clean up some broken links. In the meantime pages may not look as they should. I should have everything back up and working by sometime next week. I hope.

Any problems after that should be brought . . . → Read More: Spring Blog Cleaning