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How (Not) To Apply for a Job

This advice was gathered from actual submissions a good friend of mine received for a part-time administrative assistant and receptionist position (thanks Jamie!) What has happened to business education in our schools?

Do not:

1.  Write your cover letter in “text speak”
2.  Submit a 2+ (or no kidding 6+) page resume for a part-time entry-level position
3.  Spell the person’s name to whom you are submitting said resume to, incorrectly
4.  Say that you are “detail oriented” when in fact your cover letter contains dozens of typos
5.  Tell me to have a “Blessed Day”
6.  Write your cover letter in a series of incomplete fragmented sentences
7.  Demand that I call you to find out what your qualifications are
8.  Ask me a bunch of questions prior to even submitting your resume
9.  Misspell your own name
10.  Leave important words out of sentences (which oddly happened a lot…)
11.  Ignore the fact that I requested a cover letter
12.  Include a one-sentence cover letter that says “This is my resume”
13.  List the following qualifications (for an admin position): Venipunture (??), Injections, Vital Signs and Surgical Tray Set Up
14. List your only job experience as “Professional Basketball Player”
15.  Give me too much personal information (seriously, I could open credit cards…)
16.  Begin a letter with “Hello, my name is…”
17.  Send me an email from your current work email address during work hours
18.  Answer your phone “yeah?” when being called for an interview for a RECEPTIONIST!

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