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Kitty Bank

Oh man, WHERE can I get one of these? Normally the Japanese obsession with kawaii (cuteness) isn’t really my thing, but this video gave me a huge belly laugh this morning:


Okay, another twelve inches on top of the 23 inches Saturday, we can handle it. Third crippling storm in a single season? We’re cool. Having more snow than my old hometown of Rochester, New York? Unfair, but I’m able to be philosophical about it.

But all the other snowy cities in the U.S. laughing at . . . → Read More: Ouch

Here We Go Again

More video this morning as we are socked in with another winter storm. This time we don’t have as much accumulation but high winds are making visibility very poor.

This shot of the birds at the feeder show how visibility can suddenly go to nothing.

Washington Snowpocalypse

Don’t give me the blame for calling this storm “the snowpocalypse”. The media have been calling it that since Thursday, before it even took shape. It’s still snowing heavily right now (11:20AM on Saturday). I took some video this morning when the snow was light enough to see out. Right now it’s coming down too . . . → Read More: Washington Snowpocalypse