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Cappuccino.JPGFreelance life has its compensations.  This is why I love working at home! At 4PM I get my cappuccino pulled by my own personal barista (Mark). No need to go anywhere on a day with a sloppy cold rain. Aahhhh!

It’s been a busy week, juggling two consulting clients, one new client proposal, five yoga classes and my part-time work at Unity Woods. I love the variety, and am becoming much better at juggling after a few months practice. Part of the secret seems to be maintaining as much yogic detachment as possible. I do the best job I can, and then try to let it go. That’s not to say that I feel I’m doing a slapdash job, just that I try not to get over-involved in politics and non-essentials. I serve my students, my clients and my employer, and then I put it aside and try to give my full attention to my husband, my home and myself. That’s the ideal, anyway. None of it would be possible without a supportive spouse who pitches in to do the grocery shopping and bathroom cleaning in weeks like this. Thank you darling!

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