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Crickets with Conservative Musical Tastes

It’s a good thing I don’t live in Nevada. I saw a story in the Wall Street Journal this week describing an actual plague. Seems there is a species called the Mormon Cricket, famous for swarming in very large numbers in the springtime. The poor residents of small towns in the Nevada desert have quite a problem to contend with. At least our insect plague of locusts only happens once every seventeen years! The Journal reports that insecticide is only intermittently effective against such numbers. The only thing that seems to really help is sound, specifically blasting heavy metal music at the critters to get them to move on. Seems they really don’t care for Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. . . . → Read More: Crickets with Conservative Musical Tastes

Hot Spring

Poor, doomed tulips

So here we are, it’s April 28, and the forecast high today is… 93 degrees.

What’s wrong with this picture?

My tulips, which just came into full bloom on Friday, are frying in the heat. Mark and I are running around with garden hoses as though it were July. We’re running . . . → Read More: Hot Spring