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Stories for Dark November

Mid-November always makes me want to curl up with a good book. Preferably a scary book. My mental soundtrack in this season is the winter concerto from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Just picture me in an armchair with a reading lamp over my shoulder listening to the rain outside.

Perhaps it’s perverse of me, but at . . . → Read More: Stories for Dark November

Flu Season

This morning I read about a new site being operated by Google with fascination. Google has studied the volume of searches for flu-related terms like “fever” or “flu”. Over five years they tracked it against CDC reported cases of the flu and found that the searches are actually an excellent leading indicator (since CDC reports lag real time by weeks). Now you can go to a new page and get a look at current trends for the US as a whole or for your state or region. Here’s a graph showing the correlation between searches and flu cases from 2004. (More on full post) . . . → Read More: Flu Season

The Soul’s Sunday

Yesterday was Sunday. Mark and I looked at each other after breakfast and said, “What will we do today?” Both of us had worked on Saturday, so it was our only day off together of the week. We look around the house, and the bathrooms need cleaning, there’s laundry to do, and the backyard is full of leaves that need to go down to the curb in time for a Wednesday pickup. But our hearts are saying, “Nooo! It’s a nice day! Go out and play!” . . . → Read More: The Soul’s Sunday