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Chilled Cucumber Soup

I know it won’t be long before we’re back to the heat and humidity that is summer in Washington. I look for any way to avoid heating up the kitchen on days like that, and here’s a recipe for a cold soup that has found its way into heavy rotation at my house. You can whiz this soup up in a blender or food processor in five minutes flat. . . . → Read More: Chilled Cucumber Soup

Out to the Ballgame

Last night I went out the ball game with a couple of girlfriends. This was my first opportunity to see the new Nationals Ball Park even though my husband has been, oh, dozens of times! It was a beautiful night, not so hot as it has been, and the end of the game was a total nail biter. . . . → Read More: Out to the Ballgame

Steak Tartare

Naturally since the weather over the three-day holiday was not so good, today is just lovely. Sunny, blue sky and not horribly hot considering it’s July in Washington. The mulberries are finally fading after five weeks of creating their usual sticky, jammy mess on the front walk and street. I did get to make a batch of mulberry jam this year, and I think it turned out well. Now to decide who deserves one of the little labors of love. . . . → Read More: Steak Tartare