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Another Gift from the Mulberry Tree

There is no word in English to describe the feeling of mingled joy and sadness at the beauty of fleeting experience. The Japanese have the concept of “mono no aware,” or the sadness of things. It’s very much connected to a Buddhist sense of the brevity of life and the transience of beauty, summed up in the old Japanese phrase “swirling petals, falling leaves.” . . . → Read More: Another Gift from the Mulberry Tree

Reason to Smile

In the days before I fell sick with a bad cold last week, I was talking to my yoga students about the unity of body and mind. Lying on the sofa for days with a nasty cold gave me plenty of time to reflect on the mind-body connection. I think most people recognize that mental stress and tension definitely affect the body. What I think we are less likely to remember is that the reverse relationship also applies: the stress of the body affects the mind. . . . → Read More: Reason to Smile

Sniff, Sniff

So I finally got some time to update the blog. Actually I was forced into it by my mutinous body. Mind was sailing along on its usual routine, getting things done and planning ahead. Body put an abrupt stop to all that by succumbing to an acute cold, one of the worst I’ve ever had. I spent the week of the Thanksgiving holiday lying on the couch with an ever-accumulating pile of crumpled tissues and endless cups of tea, whispering pathetically to my long-suffering husband since my voice had vanished. . . . → Read More: Sniff, Sniff