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Switching Gears

Months ago, I booked myself for a weeklong yoga intensive with a well-respected Iyengar-style teacher. For weeks before I was beefing up my home practice to try to be prepared, since the man leading the seminar has a reputation as a precise and demanding instructor. Sadly, the course had to be cancelled when our teacher suffered a serious injury the very evening before the course was supposed to begin. So there I was last Monday morning, all dressed up in my yoga clothes and nowhere to go. When you’ve spent that long building up to something it takes a while to switch gears. . . . → Read More: Switching Gears

It’s so hot today…

…the birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground. (See the post for more like this!) . . . → Read More: It’s so hot today…

When Modernism Was Young

Last week Mark and I went to the final day of the exhibit on Modernism at the Corcoran Museum downtown. I’d love to tell you to go see it; I wish we hadn’t waited until the very last minute to go see the show. It was a top-quality blockbuster. One thing that amused me about the show– after spending the full afternoon there, I realized how little styles have changed in architecture and domestic design since modernism was new in the 1920s. Any number of items could have come straight out of last month’s Dwell magazine. It seems funny that modernism nowadays is in fact deeply conservative! . . . → Read More: When Modernism Was Young

Brutal Summer

We’re now coming into the toughest part of the summer here in Washington. Days are a monotonous stretch of the triple H – “hazy, hot and humid”. August makes you understand why British embassy staff got hardship pay for being stationed here all the way up to the mid seventies. Longtime residents dread this month and do all they can to avoid it by fleeing to vacations at beaches and northern lakes. It’s the only time of the year that beltway traffic is bearable, because so many people are gone. . . . → Read More: Brutal Summer