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Neato, Frito

It’s been a busy week, so posts have been scarce I’m afraid. My teacher and mentor at the yoga studio is away for two weeks and I’ve picked up several of her classes as a substitute. I’m having great fun but it has taken away from time at the desk for writing.

So to tide . . . → Read More: Neato, Frito

The Tao of Gardening

Mark and I maintain a small but intensively planted yard of about 1/3 of an acre with lots of flower beds and a decent-sized vegetable garden. Every year in early spring we have a five-minute moment of thinking, should we do something about our lawn this year? Should we put down some turfbuilder, or some weed-n-feed? But then we wake up. Nah. We’ve gone thirteen years doing nothing to the grass, why start now? You could call us lazy, but I prefer to think we’re practicing the Tao of Gardening. . . . → Read More: The Tao of Gardening