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Signs of Spring

Tuesday our high here was 83 warm and glorious degrees. At the house we had the windows open wide, and the breezes were wafting through the house stirring up dust bunnies from under the furniture all day. Dust bunnies are a small price to pay for the soft spring air, but it was a bit . . . → Read More: Signs of Spring

Yoga Humor

My friends know that yoga is a huge part of my life. Be warned: I’m quite capable of boring you silly by going on about how great yoga is for what ails you. But I do wish that more yogis showed at least a bit of a sense of humor. There’s so much earnest seriousness . . . → Read More: Yoga Humor

One Thing at a Time

As I have always suspected, new studies show that multitaskers aren’t nearly as efficient as they think they are. Here’s a story in the New York Times that summarizes several reports on the ability of the human brain to do more than one thing at a time.

To my mind, the trouble with multitasking is . . . → Read More: One Thing at a Time

Recursive Photos

Oh, this is cool. This is from a series of photos on Flickr that look like something Escher would have drawn. I’ve no idea how it was done. Although the photographer explains it, I don’t mind saying it was over my head. Please check out the full Recursive Series here to see a flash . . . → Read More: Recursive Photos

Thanks to Old Gardeners

While it was still warm yesterday I picked the bouquet of daffodils you see here. These flowers are always the first to bloom in the very early spring. The cups are all ruffled and doubled, with petals in every shade of gold and green. When Mark and I moved in they were the only things blooming in the long-neglected garden, and I think they must be almost as old as our house. The house was built in 1948, so I imagine these hardy bulbs have bloomed every year for more than fifty years. I bless whoever it was that left them for me. At Manassas Battlefield I have seen the ruins of old farmsteads that date from the mid-nineteenth century. The farmhouses are long gone, but around the crumbling foundations you can see masses of daffodils that still bring their brightness in thick rows thanks to gardeners who are long gone. Those flowers look exactly like mine, with crazy mismatched petals that lack any distinctive cup. I wonder if they were they always that way or whether they gradually took on that form over the decades. Perhaps as the bulbs crowded in upon one another in the untended garden the petals grew wild as a result. . . . → Read More: Thanks to Old Gardeners

Biting the Ear that Feeds You at the Jacksonville Zoo

Today it’s snowing. Again. Not that I don’t enjoy a bit of winter wonderland, but by mid March I’m thinking, sheesh. Enough already. It’s even harder since Mark and I were in Jacksonville visiting family over the weekend. Even there they were having a cool weekend, but we got out to the Jacksonville Zoo on . . . → Read More: Biting the Ear that Feeds You at the Jacksonville Zoo

New Look for the Jam

One of the casualties of my recent upgrade to the software that runs this blog was my old template for the look of the site. After changing to the newest version of WordPress last Wednesday, I was forced to also change to a template that would work with the new software. After a couple of . . . → Read More: New Look for the Jam

Another Unsuspected Danger

Here’s a short article from one of my favorite blogs about a hitherto unsuspected danger lurking out there– the risk of getting hurt while knitting in a car. Add that to the list of high-risk activities to avoid! Maybe there should be a law requiring abdominal shields or something.