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I’m working on it…

I’ve recently updated my blogging software (I use WordPress), and of course nothing is ever simple. What I hoped would be a quick, straightforward improvement to the back end of the blog has instead goofed up the template that governs the entire appearance of the site. Mulberry Jam may be looking a little strange for . . . → Read More: I’m working on it…

Kind Hearts Are Worth More than Coronets

I’m never up late enough to watch David Letterman, much less Craig Ferguson who comes on after him. I found this clip via another blog,, and thought it was worth watching. Long, but worth it. In this clip he talks about why he won’t be making fun of Britney Spears. It’s so rare to . . . → Read More: Kind Hearts Are Worth More than Coronets

Are You Worried?

I got into a discussion with my husband the other day about why I’ve stopped listening to virtually all television and radio news. I used to feel that the news was almost a civic duty, part of being an adult citizen. But after years of dutifully watching and listening, I realized that most often after . . . → Read More: Are You Worried?

Snow Day Sunday

Snow day today! This was outside my window while I curled up with a cat and some magazines. So luxurious to not have to go out in the bad weather. Especially when my husband nobly went out to shovel while I was napping. My hero!

. . . → Read More: Snow Day Sunday

Surviving the Cold, Soaking up the Sun

We’ve been having a stretch of cold weather here in Washington, like so many other parts of the country. Nothing too horrible here, just a string of nights below 20 degrees and days that haven’t made it up above the freezing mark. Not very impressive if you live in Minneapolis, or upstate New York. Still, this is colder weather than we’ve had for a few winters. I’m afraid the rosemary shrub outside in my herb garden is probably done for by now. . . . → Read More: Surviving the Cold, Soaking up the Sun

Winter Blooms

I’m so proud– I’ve finally managed to get an orchid to rebloom after years of trying. In fact, the house is decorated with several of my little projects right now. I have a reblooming amaryllis lighting up the kitchen with four fiery red flowers on one stalk, and another amaryllis in bud that should bloom . . . → Read More: Winter Blooms