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40 Days and 40 Nights

Here in Washington we have all just survived a four-day rainstorm that was virtually biblical in proportion. For four days that felt like forty, water poured from the skies in unbelievable quantities. Plenty of it found its way into my finished basement, unfortunately.

Perhaps I was unforgivably out of touch, but I had no . . . → Read More: 40 Days and 40 Nights

Good Car-ma

I hope that my efforts to be a positive force in the world will be reflected back upon me, but I also think that many times I’ve been the beneficiary of undeserved divine grace. This story is an example. I had a wonderful thing happen last week that could easily have been an awful thing. . . . → Read More: Good Car-ma

The Water Feature

My favorite place in my house isn’t actually in my house at all, it’s my back patio. That’s where my husband and I take many of our meals and spend an awful lot of our free time, chillin’ and watching the birds come and go. The highlight of the space is the little fountain that my husband (rather grandly) calls “the water feature”. . . . → Read More: The Water Feature

Mulberry Season

Well, it’s here again. Mulberry season. The fifty-year old black mulberry in our front yard is fruiting, dropping hundreds of juicy dark purple berries to the ground below it. This is the time of year when our friends know to come to the back door instead of the front. Cars passing in the street make purple tire tracks, and the mailman leaves sticky footprints as he walks up to deliver the mail. . . . → Read More: Mulberry Season