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Holding onto Lettuce in Hot Weather

After a remarkably cool May, Memorial Day brought the first real hot weather our way. Saturday’s high was in the low 80s, Sunday it got up into the upper 80s, and Memorial Day the high temperature was over 90! That’s good weather for planting hot-weather garden denizens like tomatoes, eggplants, string beans and squash. Those vegetables like it when the soil is nice and warm and nights don’t get too cool. Unfortunately, high temps like that are bad weather for my lettuces and peas. . . . → Read More: Holding onto Lettuce in Hot Weather

My New Camera

I wrote a little while ago that I was shopping for a new camera. I’ve had an Olympus D-580 for about three years and it’s been a great point-and-shoot, but I was looking for something with a few more features that would give me more flexibility.

I’ve finally bought a new Canon Powershot S-80, and . . . → Read More: My New Camera

The Strongest of Supports

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year. That’s not because there’s a special holiday. It isn’t my birthday, or anything else like that. But this is the week my roses and peonies are all at their peak.

The photo above shows my pride and joy—a rambler rose that in . . . → Read More: The Strongest of Supports

Tax Day

I always look forward to tax day. Yes, I realize that sounds crazy (and I also know I’m a month behind the times with this post). It’s just that I associate that day with the return of the house wrens. For the past eight summers we’ve always had a pair nesting somewhere around our . . . → Read More: Tax Day

26 Hours in the Day

I was commiserating with a friend recently about busy-ness and how hard it is to get everything done in a day, and she suggested it would just take another two hours per day and we’d be able to get completely caught up. I know she and I are not alone in that feeling. It seems like modern life conspires to make us all feel perpetually behind. . . . → Read More: 26 Hours in the Day