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Roast Chicken on Sunday

Enough with the boneless skinless chicken breasts! What if you could have a golden brown roasted chicken ready in about an hour and fifteen minutes? And remember, once you get the bird into the oven, most of that time can be spent relaxing with a glass of wine while you wait for a savory . . . → Read More: Roast Chicken on Sunday

Finally, Some Snow

I thought we’d never get any snow this winter. Not that I’ve missed the shoveling and the slush, but since I grew up in upstate New York, it just doesn’t seem like winter to me without a little of the white stuff. This storm was a Camelot-style storm, too. Whereas in Camelot it only rains . . . → Read More: Finally, Some Snow

Suburban Stew

I expected that moving from the city of Washington out to the Northern Virginia suburbs would mean a sharp reduction in my exposure to other cultures, but I’d been reckoning without the turn-of-the-century model of a suburb. I quickly found that my neighbors were now a far more diverse lot than before. . . . → Read More: Suburban Stew

Private Views

I took a walk the other day along a public path that runs through my town of Falls Church. The path is a converted railroad bed, used by bicyclists, pedestrians and roller-bladers. I enjoy the walk partly because it gives a glimpse into the private lives of the town. Since it was an old railway, it passes at the back edge of properties both residential and commercial as it heads westwards out of town. The glimpse of the private is what makes me go back to the walk again and again. There seems to be so much more scope for the imagination there, as opposed to the carefully controlled facades that the same properties present to the street. . . . → Read More: Private Views

Spring Outside My Window

I know it’s only February, but signs of approaching spring are coming early this year. The photo is from my garden. The snowdrops planted beneath my mulberry tree are coming out into the sunshine already. As I sit here at my desk, I hear a song sparrow singing softly in the bush outside. He’s working . . . → Read More: Spring Outside My Window

Buttermilk Cornbread

Last night we had vegetable soup and cornbread for dinner, one of my favorite cold-weather combinations. You’ll notice from the photo that this is yet another dish that’s best baked in my beloved cast-iron pan (see my blog entry about the pan from earlier in January). I’ve tried literally dozens of cornbread recipes because I . . . → Read More: Buttermilk Cornbread