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Merry Christmas to All

Next week I’ll be taking a break from posting. I’ll be back the first week of January with new material and new essays. In the meantime, I’d like to pass on one of my favorite Christmas books. . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas to All

An Only Cat Comes into Her Own

I never realized how much my cat Miss Thing dominated her larger sister Girlfriend. The past three months have been Girlfriend’s chance to gradually reclaim large sections of the house that Miss Thing had reserved as her own private territory. . . . → Read More: An Only Cat Comes into Her Own

Sicilian-Style Chicken

This is one of my favorite winter chicken dishes. When it’s cold and damp outside, I crave big-flavored sauces and stews. this dish is basically a chicken cacciatore with many adaptations to make the sauce even richer and more flavorful. While the list of ingredients may sound like a jumble of strong flavors, when cooked slowly they blend into a mellow sauce I could happily eat all by itself. . . . → Read More: Sicilian-Style Chicken

Bringing in the Tree

Nothing makes you feel the spirit of the season more than getting cold and wet while lugging your tree down from the hills. Oh sure, you can go to a lot and get a tree that was cut two weeks ago and shipped in from somewhere three states away. I’ve done just that on many occasions when time or the weather just didn’t permit the big expedition of my dreams. But when I have the time and opportunity, I really love doing it the hard way. . . . → Read More: Bringing in the Tree

Train Watching in Folkston

Train spotting isn’t just the title of a film about Scots low-lifes. It’s also a hobby pursued by thousands of Americans. Most residents of Folkston had always thought of the trains as background noise, until one resident saw the town’s potential as a tourism destination for rail fans (as they often call themselves). . . . → Read More: Train Watching in Folkston

Real Estate Envy

I’m suffering from real estate envy. I feel this is some kind of personal failing, and very much in conflict with my normal philosophy to “be here now”. But I can hardly help it. The rest of my family lives in communities far from our over-hyped over-inflated Washington metropolitan area, and I’ve become bitten by the bug of comparison. . . . → Read More: Real Estate Envy

The Pleasures of Winter

I’m very happy to move indoors for the season. I’ve already written about how glad I am to take a break from the garden at the end of a busy season. It isn’t just about stopping the hard work of managing a large collection of flowers and vegetables. I actually enjoy the dark and quiet evenings of the deep winter. . . . → Read More: The Pleasures of Winter