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The Perfect Book for Bedtime

For me, the perfect bedtime reading is something I can read in short bites, something untroubling, so I can drop off with a peaceful frame of mind. Something like Emily Post’s Etiquette. . . . → Read More: The Perfect Book for Bedtime

Growing Amaryllis for the Holidays

Now’s the time to go find your Holiday Amaryllis. Run to your nearest garden catalogue or hardware store and buy now! I can’t think of a single plant that will repay your investment so well with so little trouble. . . . → Read More: Growing Amaryllis for the Holidays

Fried Green Tomatoes

Are you aware that fried green tomatoes are not just a hokey movie title but a downright tasty dish? If you fix them right, they even taste, dare I say it, sophisticated. Right now is the perfect time to prepare green tomatoes. . . . → Read More: Fried Green Tomatoes

Creating an Inspiration Board

One of the things I use to keep myself creatively focused is a bulletin board of inspiration. On my bulletin board are photos that struck my fancy, paragraphs from articles that grabbed my attention, and postcards from places I’ve either been recently or want to visit someday. I recommend this exercise for anyone trying to devise a creative vision, be it for fashion, decorating or the direction of your life. . . . → Read More: Creating an Inspiration Board

Driving in Fauquier County

The Virginia countryside is justly famous for its beautiful byways. You don’t have to go all the way out to Shenandoah National Park to enjoy a great day in the country, however. There are many terrific scenic routes much nearer to the Washington area that are lesser known. . . . → Read More: Driving in Fauquier County

Bringing Houseplants Indoors

Bringing the houseplants back indoors is one of the big events in my routine that marks the passage of the seasons. Throughout the summer, I leave all my houseplants outdoors with my potted annuals, where they thrive in the warmth and humidity of Washington summers. By late October or early November, the nights are getting very chilly and it’s right about now that our first frost of the season can be expected. . . . → Read More: Bringing Houseplants Indoors

A Fresh Coat of Paint

During the past month I’ve been praying that the unseasonably warm weather the Washington area has enjoyed so far this fall would continue. Not because I wanted to get the convertible out more, but because our house desperately needed painting. After ten years and a major kitchen renovation that involved punching new windows, it was looking very shabby, and not in a chic way. . . . → Read More: A Fresh Coat of Paint

MidCentury Design: Made in the Shade

I have surprised myself by developing a love for mid-century design. After years of seeing this kind of stuff reviled and ridiculed, it’s getting easier to find fellow hipsters who share my interest. . . . → Read More: MidCentury Design: Made in the Shade