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Tired Garden, Tired Gardener

At this time of year, I hardly recognize my garden. The neat rows I laid out in my vegetable garden with pegs and string are gone, obliterated by the growth of squash vines and tomatoes. The plants that were carefully placed with what seemed plenty of breathing room in springtime are now tumbling on . . . → Read More: Tired Garden, Tired Gardener

Dosing the Cat – a Story about Girlfriend

I received many kind messages from readers after posting my last entry about the death of Miss Thing. Thanks to all of you who wrote with your sympathy. There are a lot of fellow animal lovers out there.

Today I wanted to write a little about Girlfriend, my surviving cat. She’s ten, the same age . . . → Read More: Dosing the Cat – a Story about Girlfriend

Thank You Miss Thing

In many Eastern philosophies, we humans are advised to teach ourselves to be truly alive in the present moment. My cat, Miss Thing, was the best example of this spirit that I’ve ever encountered. She radiated a sense of contentment and bright engagement with life that never looked forward or back. If I stepped on her tail as she meandered underfoot, she was incapable of holding a grudge. She seemed to have already achieved the enlightenment necessary for true uncomplicated happiness. . . . → Read More: Thank You Miss Thing

The Story of Two Kitties

I share my house with one husband and two cats.

The cats don’t quite have us outnumbered, although some days it certainly feels like things are being run for their convenience more than for ours. The two cats are females from the same litter, brought home from the local animal shelter. We . . . → Read More: The Story of Two Kitties

Wine Tasting in the Finger Lakes

My husband and I had resolved we would only buy wines that were special in some way. By that we meant no wines that could be produced better elsewhere. I didn’t want wine that was pretty good for a New York wine, but wine that was worth drinking no matter where it was from. I thought that would be a pretty tough standard based on my past experience with the region, but instead we found ourselves struggling to narrow down the list as the tastings progressed and we grew more and more impressed. . . . → Read More: Wine Tasting in the Finger Lakes

A Porch for Writing

The photograph at the top of today’s entry is of the porch where Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings did her writing in the nineteen-thirties and -forties. She’s best known for her novel The Yearling, which was made into film at least twice (once with Gregory Peck). My favorite book is her memoir of her life in central Florida, Cross Creek. . . . → Read More: A Porch for Writing